Our platforms allow users to find and connect with all types of services for improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and results of their beverage business.

Our Eco-system of integrated SaaS software platforms, services and tools reside outside the 3 tiers of the licensed market but is tightly linked to the Maker’s, Distributor’s, and Retailer’s vibrancy and their ability to overcome the obstacles of the current market environment – as well as to the Regulators who manage these markets. Our success will be measured by how our platforms enable, empower and support that vibrancy while reducing the pain points for all our users.



Our technology platforms are designed to be easy-to-use, reduce the pain of doing business in a highly-regulated industry, and automate and transform the finished product processes all the way to delivery and payment. In addition, we provide the tools and advice to allow all our users to derive maximum value from their use of our platforms. Our eco-system approach to these technologies, tools, and services means that our integrated platforms will provide a one-stop-shop of technologies to help our users better manage their business, level the playing field for their products, and survive and thrive.


Ninkatek is building a “Service First” culture where making our users successful is our first priority. Many of our team members have worked in bars, restaurants, and other service related industries where alcohol is served. It’s in our DNA and it’s our mission.

Our platforms allow users to find and connect with all types of services for using our platforms as well as improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and results of their business.

  • Compliance
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • People


While we custom-design our platforms and technologies and develop them specifically for the US alcohol beverage industry, sometimes there are great technologies and services already available within the industry and / or being used successfully in other industries.

To ensure our eco-system users have fast and easy access to the very best tools for their business, we seek out and partner with providers of complementary technologies and services in a broad range of areas.

  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology